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Lugano: A ride with a view

If you’re looking for a fantastic ride in 2017, the 26th Annual H.O.G.® Rally is the place to go! Lugano is the perfect destination for Harley-Davidson® riders – which is why when Swiss Harley Days was looking for a location, it was the natural choice. And that’s also why the European H.O.G. Rally is heading back there to join Swiss Harley Days for its 5th anniversary – turning Lugano into an unforgettable H.O.G party from June 29 to July 2, 2017!  
The picture-postcard Swiss city of Lugano is just a stone’s throw from the Italian border and is surrounded by some of Europe’s most stunning scenery – as well as majestic mountains roads that you’ll love to ride on your Harley-Davidson. The gorgeous Lake Lugano area also offers the perfect place to relax and meet friends and fellow chapters, however far you’ve travelled.
With a fantastic history that goes back to Roman times, a lively nightlife scene and more great restaurants than you can shake a piadina romagna at, Lugano was a massive success when we last held the 19th European H.O.G. Rally there in 2010.So come and join the party - and let’s show Switzerland the biggest Harley-Davidson parade the country has ever seen!
The 26th Annual H.O.G. Rally will be free to attend, and will have all of the H.O.G. Rally’s favourite features including great live music, Demo Rides, the Harley-Davidson Expo, Guided Tours, H.O.G. Zone and much more. Additional details coming soon. Follow us at Facebook and Twitter for latest updates. 


For information and to book accommodation click here to visit the Lugano tourism website.

Or contact:
Ente Turistico del Luganese
Piazza della Riforma - Palazzo Civico
6900 Lugano
Tel +41 58 866 66 00
Fax +41 58 866 66 09

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The team has been working around the clock getting everything ready in Lugano!

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