Custom Bike Show

On Friday the attention turns away from the coastline as we move inland to the beautiful village of Grimaud, where the Custom Bike Show takes place. Always a popular feature, the best creations from across Europe come together in the crowded village square to compete for prizes across numerous categories, including the prestigious Best In Show. If you’re just there to marvel at others’ brilliant bikes, make sure you cast your vote towards the People’s Choice! Check out last years bikes!

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Custom Bike Show Winners 2016

  • Ladies of Harley

    1. Elenoro Delgroso (Italy)
    2. Tatiana Schnell (Germany)

  • Three-Wheeler

    1. PDF Motorcycles (Italy)
    2. Emma & Guus (Netherlands)

  • Watercooled

    1. Leroy Erus (France)

  • Radical

    1. Gregory Balique (France)
    2. Ben/Mister T (France)

  • Big Twin

    1. Jean Marie
    2. Christophe H2H

  • Touring

    1. Andre Walter-Charles (Switzerland)
    2. Fred Jansen (Germany)

  • Custom

    1. Chiva Marcel (Romania)
    2. Mister T (France)

  • Buell

    1. Coco Fugi (France)
    2. Name to come (Belgium)

  • Sportster

    1. Diovet (France)
    2. Christophe (France)

  • Antique

    1. PDF Motorcycles (Italy)
    2. Mitch (France)

  • Best in Show

    PDF Motorcycles (Italy)

  • People’s Choice

    Chiva Marcel (Romania)

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